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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Annie Is Here

May 3, 2009

Annie has taken my heart and made it new. From the moment Beth backed her out of the trailer I knew giving her Noel’s things would not be a problem. She was shy at first, but Noel taught me patience and he taught me well.

We have spent many hours in the yard together and I tell her about Noel and how happy he would have been to have made her acquaintance. I snuck a quick hug and inhaled…….she smells like Noel.

I hope that we can one day take a ride together, in the early morning or late evening, because she has anhydrosis, an inability to sweat.

Now I need to wait and see what God holds for all of us. Our yard floods and there is no way to fix to. If we can’t get help from our public officials we will have to give the horses back.

For now I will enjoy her company and pray that we will be together for a long time. I feel joy again. I love to spray her with the hose and get drenched with the drops of water she shakes from her body.

I have a new girlfriend and I thank God for whatever time he chooses to give us together.

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