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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Natasha Has Colic

March 26,2009

Everyone out there knows the relationship Natasha and I have together. Mafia Princess versus me. Mafia Princess usually wins and I have no doubt that the little town we live in knows I am not the owner of the pasture. I simple plant grass seed, clean up poop and Alfred is responsible for paying the taxes. Natasha owns the property. We should just put her name on the deed and be finished with it.

A short history on the NOAA (sounds like NOAH) Hazard Radio. The first time this radio went off, I honestly came close to pooping my pants. I had no idea where the siren sound was coming from. Dogs were barking and I was in a panic. Alfred strolls out of his office and calmly explains it’s NOAA. I hate it when he strolls. The only NOAA I know has an ark.

Yesterday the NOAA Hazard Radio kept going off. Tornados, thunder storms and heavy rain were coming our way. I decided to feed the horses early in an attempt to stay dry. Everyone is in their stalls and I proceed to do my Meals on Wheels routine.

Natasha is not eating and she has gone poop in her stall. I call Jamie and ask if she could not be eating because of this upcoming storm. We discuss colic. Jamie explains that a horse can still have colic even if they have pooped. I put halter and lead rope on the Princess and we begin walking the yard. She keeps lying down and I cautiously continue to make her get up. I pull her off side and we do circles as the rain begins to fall.

I call Jamie again and ask about some medicine I have for Noel and would this help her. No was the reply. I call the vet as suggested and I get the answer machine. We keep walking and the rain drops are turning into buckets. Some two hours later the Princess decides to poop. I call poor Jamie again and she says don’t feed her tonight. Ah geez, there is going to be H E double toothpicks to pay in the morning.

I stand with her in her stall as we watch the rain fall. I put the blame squarely on Jamie’s shoulders about going to sleep hungry. I lay my arm on her neck and tell her how scared I was. She turns to me and I’m thinking I’m about to get a nose job. I slowly remove my arm and step out of the stall.

I tell the boys everything is going to be fine. Noel is thrilled, Moose is not. I head to the house to take a shower and keep an eye on Natasha from the kitchen window with the binoculars. Stall hoping begins and Moose is left standing there wondering where he will be sleeping tonight.

Natasha is back to her old self. Thank you Jesus for saving Natasha!

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