Texas holds some good times and some sad times. I wouldn't change a thing.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Nov. 17, 2008

I was driving into the yard with a truck load of hay. All the horses were at the back of the yard. I jumped out of the truck and swung opened the gates. I jumped in the truck and all of a sudden Moose starts running toward the truck with Natasha and Noel in tow.

I jumped out of the truck and tried to be big. I couldn't close the gates because the truck was in the way. Moose pushed pasted me as the horse across the street started to whinny. Natasha went to visit him. Moose has his head in the hay and Noel has hobbled out of the gate too.

I had no lead ropes or halters, because they were all in the feed room. I have Natasha across the street, Moose eating hay out of the back of the truck and Noel standing right on top of the septic system.

I pull the truck into the yard and get the gate situated so I can chase them back in. Yeah, right!

So I run down to the barn and grab lead ropes and run across the street to get Natasha, who believe it or not was the easiest one to catch. I get her into the yard and have my eyes set on the boys. Cookies I'm yelling and Moose mossies over and I get him with some difficulty, because I don't actually have any cookies on me. Noel is still standing on the septic system and every time I approach him he does his spinning dance trying to get away. I finally get him and walked him into the yard.

By now Moose has his head in the truck picking through the Wal-Mart bags on the seat looking for the apples and carrots. Natasha is trying to get her head in too and I'm sure there is gonna be a fight and they are gonna dent the new truck. I get in the drivers seat and slowly start to move. Moose is keeping pace all the way to the barn with his head still in the window. I just kept saying, Thank you God that everyone is home, safe and sound.

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